Providing Custom Workshops, One-on-One Coaching, and Longer Engagements

Starnes Kimball works with companies large and small, in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, and across many industries. Our goal is to listen and provide practical solutions to the most pressing and critical issues facing your organization.

Leadership Development

Effective leadership is a learned skill for most. Discover your natural management style and enhance it with clear communication, appropriate goal-setting, and active listening.

Millennial Culture

Technology can unite or divide. Learn to manage across generations by helping your colleagues understand and appreciate each others' differences and strengths.

Conflict Management

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. While most people avoid conflict, productive conflict can lead to creativity and collaboration. However, ongoing and unresolved conflict can create emotional stress, hamper productivity, and cause employee retention rates to plummet. Learn how to move through conflict and find resolution with intelligence and grace.

Process Improvement

It can be tricky to effectively manage cross-platform teams without formal authority. Learn how to motivate teams by using listening tactics, effective communication, and soft leadership skills, all while maintaining healthy boundaries around your role.

Decision Architecture

Frustrated because you’re always in React and Reply mode? Improve productivity and reduce stress by driving your days instead of letting them drive you.

Presentation Coaching

Your slide deck is on point, but to truly convey your message, you need poise, vocal ease, and confidence. Learn practical techniques to banish stage fright and impress your colleagues.

Callie Kimball is remarkably detailed oriented, responsive, and thoughtful. She was able to carefully handle sensitive materials related to FBI Hate Crime statistics, ask important questions, and keep the projects on target and schedule by thinking both broadly about the project as a whole and narrowly about the specifics of the task at hand.
— Daniel Kelley, Associate Director, Center for Technology and Society, Anti-Defamation League